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Ashford Budgerigars (Kent)

Budgies NOW available

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tel/whatsapp 07432 595081

Hi my name is Gareth and I have kept Budgerigars for over 18 years.
I am a registered breeder with the Budgerigar Society

My budgies have access to an outside and inside flight 365 days a year.

I only breed for a few months each year and will sell excess stock when they are available.

I don't breed to make money and all proceeds of sales go into buying feed for the birds.

Budgies prefer to be in pairs as it is not normally good for their mental health to be on their own.

My birds are not hand tame but any budgie can be tamed if you put the time and effort in to befriend them.


My aviary is 5 minutes drive from Junction 9 of the M20

Please give me a call or whatsapp on 07432 595081

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